*Now including Sequenced Device support with Micro-manager!

High Speed Microscope Control

Custom Control
Easy setup using text or our included Micro-Manager drivers
Maximum Speed
Switch times < 1ms on TTL & DAC with multiple lines
Control Any Device
Custom control over Serial, USB, TTL, & DAC interfaced devices.

    Do you have high performance imaging hardware attached you your microscope, but can’t seem to run things very fast? Triggerscope controllers can  operate your LED, Laser, AOTF, Piezo Focuser and camera, all at the same time, without any third-party software required, with almost no latency!

    Most imaging hardware can move very quickly, but what most researchers don’t know is how slow your software might be. Common microscopy software applications require 60+ mS to control external hardware. This results in your cells being exposed to fluorescence excitation, while no images are captured! These delays also result in delays in time correlated multichannel imaging, where channel 1 may be 100mS or more ahead of channel 2. 

   TriggerScope Controllers remove this problem by directly interfacing with your imaging hardware. As your camera captures images, the TriggerScope responds after each image is snapped. Response times are very fast (<1mS), allowing for capture speeds in excess of 1,000FPS. The triggerscope can be operated in a sequence mode, where a programmed series of evens will quickly be triggered, or it can operate in a direct control mode, where your changes in software such as micro-manager, will immediately result in a change on your hardware. Best of all, if you have a camera that isn’t supported by existing software, you can configure the TriggerScope to drive your hardware, and simply capture images in your manufacturer’s provided software! 

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NEW TriggerScope 16

16 Channel Analog Control
Select up to 16 DAC Lines, customized for your needs
16 Channel TTL
Configure up to 16 TTL output lines for high speed control
Program Sequences
Automatic programmed control of up to 60 steps, for your needs.
Micro-Manager Integration
Full driver control for all lines in Micromanager.

TriggerScope 2

2 TTL Control Output
  • Upgrades for up to 5 TTL available
  • Trigger Input
  • Custom Programming for Your needs
  • Complete Micro-Manager Drivers Included

TriggerScope 16

Complete Control for any Device
  • 16 Channel / 16-Bit DAC
  • 0-5 or 0-10V Range
  • 16 Channel TTL Output
  • Custom Control Available
  • Complete Micro-Manager Drivers Included